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Gender Affirming Therapy:

My Services, Your Rights, and Things You Should Know

  • I have the required training and experience to provide assessments and referral letters for gender affirming hormone therapy and surgeries​. 

  • Planned Parenthood of Southwest and Central Florida (including the St. Pete, Tampa, and Sarasota locations) provides MTF and FTM hormone therapy and ongoing care and monitoring without the requirement of a referral letter. I support Planned Parenthood's Informed Consent Model, and they provide transgender health services to adults and minors (for those under 18, the consent of a parent/guardian is required, and a letter is still required for those under 17). Click the following link to be taken to their web page for  Transgender Hormone Services.

  • I follow the WPATH Standards of Care, Version 7 (WPATH SOC 7), which you can view/download for free HERE ​​.

  • Your privacy and confidentiality are of the utmost importance to me, and I will request that you sign a release of information (ROI) before I send your referral letter to any provider. 

  • Gender dysphoria can be experienced differently by different people, and to different degrees. 

  • You are entitled to bodily autonomy and can decide what kind of hormonal and/or surgical interventions feel appropriate for you, if any. 

  • There is no one "correct" way to be any gender.​

  • Not everyone who is transgender wishes to surgically or hormonally transition (or has the ability to do so if they do desire it.)

  • Even if you want to transition hormonally or surgically and have some anxieties and doubts surrounding your decision, that is completely NORMAL. If you need to come to therapy to explore your gender further or talk about transition-related concerns (which can be normal to have no matter how much you do want to transition!) before deciding your next step, I would be happy to work with you- even if you ultimately decide to not pursue transitioning. ​

  • ​During the assessment, I will need to ask you many questions that may bring up difficult or painful memories or emotions. You always have the right to ask to stop talking about these things and to return to them when you are ready. If you need additional therapeutic support in the form of psychotherapy sessions, I'm here for that too. I know you may also be ready to talk about anything because of how important it is that you get the referral to treatment that you need! Just tell me what your needs and wishes are, and I will respect them-even if they change.

  • ​If you have any questions I didn't answer here or on my FAQ page, please feel free to reach out to me via my contact form, email, phone, or text. If you would like to schedule an appointment for an assessment and referral letter, I currently have openings within 3 weeks.

  • Lastly, thank you so much for visiting my website, and know that wherever you are on your journey, I will support you and provide you with the competent and affirming care you deserve.